Choice Meals by Market Catering

Market Catering is excited to announce our new plant based Choice meal. A complete protein powered meal coming soon.

Treat yourself to gourmet meals at home, delivered to your door each weekday!

Market Catering is proud to offer exceptional entrées, scrumptious sides, delicious desserts and refreshing beverages that make mealtime delicious and easy. All food is made from scratch by professional chefs who carefully select the highest quality ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.

Entrées are delivered ready to be heated, refrigerated or frozen. Instructions on heating meals will be provided at time of delivery.

Orders must be placed by noon for delivery the following day between the window of 4-6 pm. Orders cannot be placed more than a week in advance. Quantities are limited and menus are subject to change based on availability. Each entrée, side and dessert serves four.

Deliveries are limited to the Eugene/Springfield area only. Purchase of an entrée is not required but there is a $39 minimum order per delivery day. Delivery costs are included in all pricing.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Vegan Vietnamese
Vietnamese Vegan Dinner with Jasmine Pilaf & Mungbeans (stewed with onions, carrots, herbs, serrano chilis, vegetable stock). Sweet Peppers, Chard Bok Choy with Sherry Gastrique. Roasted Shiitakes with Mirin, garlic, parsley, sesame seeds. Spiced roasted Yams, salted Cucumbers and citrus Tomatoes. A Green Coconut Curry Sauce is to add enhancement to the dish.

A la carte

A la Carte
Build your own meal from a delicious variety of menu favorites, available Thursdays. Minimum order $39. Delivery only available on Thursdays. Orders must be received by noon of the Tuesday prior.